Hunting knives

The hunting knives are knives used during hunting to prepare a game – skin removal, cutting and slicing of meat. Hunting knives are considered to be one of the oldest type of knives, since knives for hunting were used during the Stone Age. Nowadays hunting knives are perfected and there is an opportunity to choose the most suitable hunting knife for each situation.


Hunting knives traditionally are meant for cutting not stabbing and usually have one edge sharpened. The blade for most models are bent, but there tend to be knives, which have both – bent blade, which is designed for skinning, and the straight part to cut the game. Hunting knives usually have a rounded tip in order to remove the skin without damaging it. There are knives, which have a small hook, which is meant to cut the abdomen without touching muscle or any organ. Some hunting knives are adapted for other purposes in the wild; such as a camp knife, which hunters can use as a machete if this particular instrument is not available. In this case, its function is similar to the survival knife.

Nowadays the hunting knife has different functions. One of the main functions is gutting, which is usually done right after the hunt in order to keep the meat. With the hunting knife it is possible to cut the abdomen and remove the organs.


The hunting knife is also intended for removing the skin, its blade is usually curved, short and thin, so that there is no damage to muscles or organs. After removing the skin and organs, usually, the next step is to bone the game to obtain the meat. After that the meat is cut into pieces. Therefore, there is a need for a very sharp knife, which can perform a clean cut. There is a need for different types of hunting knives in order to properly prepare the game.