Pocket knives

Folding knives have been popular for a long time since they are comfortable and easy to carry around and to use in different life situations. Folding knives can have different types, including hunting, fishing and others.

Folding knives differ not only in functionality, but one of the key aspects is the number of blades. They can be single-bladed or multiple-bladed knives. One blade folding knives are available in many shapes and sizes, but they are usually simple. The concentration for these knives are on the blade and they are usually more durable than multi-blade knives, so these knives are great for doing tasks that require a tougher blade. No less important is that these knives usually have a quick opening mechanism that allows them to open in just a few seconds. This knife is excellent for doing specific work, as one knife blades are popular among hunting, fishing, and mushroom picking knives.


Multi-blade knives usually have two, three, or four blades that are able to do different tasks. The most popular are two-blade knives, however, three or four knife blades give a bigger choice. This type of knife is suitable for those, who do various tasks on a daily basis, thus enabling them to be completed better and faster. The multi-blade folding knife is not as strong as a knife of one blade, but it gives diversity.


Folding knives have several opening mechanisms, which is an essential factor in knife selection. One of the most popular and oldest ways is the manual opening, where in the knife blade is embedded groove, which allows to easily and comfortably grip with a nail. The other manual method is to open it with your thumb, where a hole is embedded in the knife that allows the thumb to open the blade. This method is convenient for opening with one hand.

The automatic opening of the blade is designed to open the knife with a button or a switch, which allows it to open it with one hand. This knife opening method is great when there is a need to open a knife fast and with one hand.

The latest knife opening mechanisms is the way a knife blade opens by making pressure onto a knife. This knife opening mechanism has become very popular and demanded.