Damascus steel blade “WILD BOAR” – forged Damascus steel, 450 – 600 layers


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Blade specifications – WILD BOAR
Steel: Damascus steel hunting blade, (HVG, U10, ShH15), 450-600 layers
Hardness: 60-62 HRC
Blade length: 115 mm/ 4,53 Inch
Blade thickness: 3 mm/ 0,12 Inch
Blade width: 33 mm/ 1,30 Inch
Overall length: 177 mm/ 6,97 Inch


Hand forged Damascus steel blade created with a package of steels of different hardness and viscosity, which fold into a plate in a specific order. Next, the plate is repeatedly reforged, thanks to which layers and a unique pattern are formed.
A difficult technological process is done manually. Steel obtained in this way is characterized by increased strength, high hardness, excellent cutting properties and beauty.
Damascus blade more than 450 layers.
Package Damascus steel blade ShH15 + HVG + U10 A, thermal expression 860 ° C

The advantages knives of Damascus blade:
Increased strength
High hardness
Excellent cutting properties
Beautiful design
Long – lasting sharpness

Hardness of the blade 60-62 HRC.
Custom knife, handmade knife, hand forged knife, hand forged blade


Damascus steel