Knife ”HAWK”, hunting and outdoor knife made of good forged stainless steel


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Knife specifications: “HAWK”
Steel: forged stainless steel 65H13 (65X13)
Hardness: 56-58 HRC.
Blade length (mm): 115
Blade thickness (mm): 3.5 / 0,14 Inch
Blade width (mm): 26
Handle: a leather, Stabilized Krelian birch, bark of birch
Overall length (mm): 240


65×13 is a high-quality alloy of Russian stainless steel. This steel is considered to be universal steel, which is used for a wide variety knives. This type of steel is lighter than others and rust resistant, which is very important for knives that are used in different weather conditions. Most often, this steel is used for smaller and medium size knives. Knives of this type of steel very well keep the sharpness of the blade, are flexible and wear-resistant. They are easy to sharpen and do not require extra care to last a long time. 65×13 steel is well suited for hunting, fishing and mushroom picking knives.