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Knife Sharpener – ”BEE”+Set of stones “lux” diamond

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Knife Sharpener – ”BEE” – for sharpening all types of knives

”BEE”Knife Sharpener is designed for multi-level kitchen, hunting, folding and camping knives sharpening

the ball joint ensures sharpness and a fixed angle during sharpening

sharpening angle from 9 to 40 degrees on one side

the sharpened knife has a maximum length of 26 cm

Easy adjustment with tightening screws

blade reinforcement with neodymium magnets 15.2 kg


Set of 5 diamond stones “lux” grit :

240, 600, 1200, 2000, 3000.

Dimensions: 16 x 2 x 0.8 cm

Grindstones are standard, work with sharpening systems such as: Kazak, Ganzo, Riuxin, Sy-tools, Hapstone, Apex, TSPROF.

Grain type: synthetic diamond.

Bundle: galvanic.

The substrate is steel, the body is plastic.

Kazak sharpening systems you can buy on our website.

The stones work with oil, water or without coolant