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Knife Sharpener HAPSTONE V8 STANDARD – for best knife sharpening

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Made in Ukraine.

Hapstone  is perfect knife sharpener

The Hapstone V8 knife sharpener is a novelty from the successful Hapstone R1 supplier. Hapstone V8 is equivalent to Hapstone M3 and Hapstone R2, it is part of the Hapstone modular platform, an innovative technology that allows customers to configure and upgrade the sharpening system without restrictions. The Hapstone V8 is equipped with a pull-out table module with strong neodymium magnets for easy knife attachment.


Hapstone modular platform

The Hapstone modular platform and all modules can be purchased separately

Base with tripod modules

Turning unit with full 360 ° turn and standing hook for guide

The linear ball bearing ensures smooth movement of the guide rod and does not need to be lubricated or cleaned under heavy-duty conditions

Automatically adjustable universal stone holder with built-in digital angle holder

Suitable for sharpening stones up to 160 mm, including Edge Pro and KME formats

Light alloy horizontal axis for better pressure control during the sharpening process

Wooden handle that makes time-consuming work much easier

Rubber coated support legs that ensures good usage on any surface

There is a possibility to buy extra sharpened abrasives for a separate fee.

Weight 5 kg