Knife sharpening device ” Kazak PRO”

Knife sharpening device ” Kazak PRO”


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The device is designed for sharpening kitchen, hunting, folding knives of various shapes and sizes. Thanks to the precise and stable fixation of the knife in the clips of the device, as well as the ability to turn the knife without removing it from the clips, sharpening is fast, easy and does not require special skills of the operator.

In the “Kazak PRO” device, the quick adjustment unit (UBR) of the sharpening angle is a toothed rail along which, when the handwheel rotates, the carriage with a hinge moves. This solution allows you to quickly and accurately change the sharpening angle in just one movement.
The original is the unit for adjusting the angular position of the entire device in the vertical plane, which makes it possible to adjust the position of the device in accordance with the individual requirements of the operator.

In our sharpening systems, for the first time, the tilt of the sharpening system relative to the operator was implemented for the convenience of controlling the sharpening of the knife.

The first parking hook built into the sharpener has been implemented.

The first removable frame.

The first mass production of all-milled knife clips.

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The blade clamps of the original design are made of alloy 7075, heat-treated .
The horizontal guide rod with a diameter of 8 mm is made of alloy stainless steel, has a hardness of 58-60 HRC, surface roughness of 0.4 Ra.

Design features of the sharpener:
– reinforced rotary unit
– quick-release frame of the rotary assembly. It allows for a thorough inspection of the quality of the sharpened knife during the sharpening process.
– ability to lock the rotary unit.

The basic equipment includes:
– platform for electronic goniometer
– leveling ring
– 4 mm hex screwdriver

– cardboard box with filler and handle

Weight2.7 kg

Dimensions275 x 200 x 660 mm

Maximum length of the grinding stone250 mm

Length of the horizontal guide670 mm

Maximum distance between the blade clips in their extreme position190 mm

Maximum thickness of the sharpened blade6 mm

Sharpening angle (one side) with a blade width of 25 mmmin — 11°
 / max — 40°

maximum length of the sharpened knife blade350 – 360 mm



Weight 10 kg