Knife “WEREWOLF” – Premium class knife, Swedish Steel Uddeholm ”Elmax”

Elmax is high quality steel powdered steel, which is considered to be one of the best steels for knife making. This steel has a high resistance to wear and corrosion. Elmax steel is suitable for knife making, because it holds its sharpness, it is easy to sharpen if necessary, as well it is stainless. Its steel hardness is 61-62 HRC. Knives from Elmax are suitable for hunting, fishing and tourist knives.

Hardness of the blade 60-62 HR


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Knife specifications – WEREWOLF
Steel: Swedish Steel Uddeholm ”Elmax” SuperClean
Hardness: 60-62 HRC
Blade length (mm): 122 / 4,80 Inch
Blade thickness (mm): 3 / 0,11 Inch
Blade width (mm): 34 / 1,33 Inch
Handle: African wood – Wenge, pressed leather brown color
Overall length (mm): 248 / 9,76 Inch

Elmax is one of the most common powder steels. Therefore, in order to roughly understand what miracles a “powder” knife is capable of, it will be enough to study the characteristics of Elmax steel. The main factor affecting the characteristics of any steel, and hence the knife made from it, is the ligature. It is the chemical elements in the composition of steel that endow it with certain properties, whether it be strength, corrosion resistance, impact strength, cutting edge resistance, and so on. Elmax steel is characterized by the following composition: 1.7% carbon, which allows steel to be classified as high-carbon and gives it increased hardness and strength. 18% chromium, which gives exceptional resistance to corrosion and increases the strength of the steel, as well as toughness with elasticity. 3% vanadium, which improves the structure of steel, making it denser and giving it hardness and strength. 1% molybdenum, which slightly increases resistance to corrosion, as well as strength characteristics, including elasticity. 0.3% manganese, which also has a positive effect on the strength of steel, its wear resistance and hardness, while not reducing ductility.

Knives from Elmax are not prone to corrosion, and almost completely. The blade of this steel is very resistant to lateral loads and bending. Powder steel has an almost perfect internal structure. Absolute purification from harmful impurities. Outstanding edge retention and relative ease of sharpening with good sharpening stones. Steel is well polished and even polished without showing the pattern. It is possible to achieve a completely mirror surface.

Summing up, we can conclude that Elmax steel is justifiably recognized as one of the best knife steels today. If you have long thought to take a knife from this material, it’s time to decide. It will serve you long and faithfully.