Knife WILD BOAR – handcrafted knife, forged Bulat-Wootz steel blade


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Knife specifications: WILD BOAR
Steel: hand forged Bulat steel
Hardness: 62 HRC
Blade length (mm): 112 / 4,40 Inch
Blade thickness (mm): 3 / 0,11 Inch
Blade width (mm): 33 / 1,29 Inch
Handle: a stabilized Karelian birch
Overall length (mm): 238 / 9,37 Inch

Bulat – Wootz Steel
Cast carbon hand forged steel
with a special blade structure, high hardness, increased durability and elasticity.
Each blade of Bulat steel has a distinctive individual pattern.
‘’AA knives’’ produces knives made of alloyed crucible Bulat steel based on metal H12MF and ShH15.

The advantages of Bulat steel knives:

High hardness
Increased durability
Long – lasting sharpness
Hardness of the blade 62-64 HRC.