The TSPROF® Kadet Expert knife sharpening system


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The TSPROF® Kadet Expert knife sharpening system is the perfect knife sharpening system for your home. The universal clamps allow you to sharpen compact folding knives as well as solid hunting knives.

TSPROF® Kadet Expert has everything for the highest quality sharpening: a knife rotation mechanism, the ability to set any angle from 8.5 ° to 28.5 °, a rigid structure and absolute precision in every detail.

The TSPROF® Kadet Expert knife sharpener can be taken with you anywhere, thanks to a well-thought-out system, the main units of the device are disassembled and can be compactly placed in a backpack, desktop.

Included with the device are a 4mm L-shaped hex wrench for the clamps and a 1.5mm L-hex wrench for length adjustment

Knife thickness: up to 7 mm

Knife blade length: up to 300 mm

Knife blade width: up to 40 mm

Minimum sharpening angle: 8.5 °

Maximum sharpening angle: 28.5 °

Compatible with abrasive lengths: from 10 to 160 mm

Compatible with abrasives with thickness: from 3 to 15 mm

Weight: 1900 g