Boride CS-HD series sharpening stones set 5 pcs


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Boride CS-HD series sharpening stones are excellent silicon carbide stones designed for sharpening hard steel knives (from 47 to 63 HRc).

The set includes 5 stones, grit 150; 220; 400; 600; 1200, which will be enough for all stages of sharpening, from roughing to final grinding. And the smooth reduction of grain, from stone to stone, guarantees effective sharpening with a minimum of time.


The CS-HD series of stones is designed specifically for sharpening knives made from solid stainless or carbon steel. Sharpening with abrasives of this series of knives made of mild steel threatens with an increased wear rate and excessive “salinity” of the abrasive.


You can work both “dry” and with plain water (or a little soapy). It is not recommended to use force and pressure during sharpening!


Does not require special care. It is cleaned under running water and soap with a stiff brush (you can use a toothbrush). Aligned after forming on silicon carbide.