Knife – BEAR-3 – hand forged stainless blade


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Knife specifications: BEAR-3
Steel: hand forged stainless  steel blade 12C27
Hardness: 58 HRC
Blade length (mm): 115 / 4,52 Inch
Blade thickness (mm): 3/ 0,11 Inch
Blade width (mm): 31 / 1,22
Handle:  African Wenge wood
Overall length (mm): 258 / 10,15 Inch

Good cutting properties
Does not need much care
Low price

Hardness of the blade 57-58 HRC.
Hand forged

12C27 steel is part of the Sandvik family. It is low-end high-chromium steel that is well-liked in the knife industry because it provides outstanding wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and high hardness, key qualities that create ideal knife steel.

Additionally, 12C27 steel acquires sharpness relatively quickly, unlike other high chromium steels that take a long time to sharpen due to the tough chromium carbides. Sandvik 12C27 steel is commonly used in the production of hunting knives, pocket knives, fishing knives, camping knives, tactical knives, skate blades, and ice drills.

Due to its high chromium content, 12C27 steel resists corrosion and rust. Additionally, because it is made of stainless steel, it is stain-resistant.

However, you cannot expect this steel-made knife to remain rust-free in water for days. If you want the blades of this steel to survive for decades, you must dry and oil them after each usage or if you plan on storing them for an extended period.