Knife ”MUSHROOM HUNTING” mushroom picking knife made of forged Damascus steel


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Knife specifications: “MUSHROOM HUNTING”
Steel: made of forged Damascus steel
Hardness: 60-62 HRC.
Blade length (mm): 86 / 3,38 Inch
Blade thickness (mm): 3 / 0,11 Inch
Blade width (mm): 19 / 0,78 Inch
Handle: stabilized Karelian birch
Overall length (mm): 196 / 7,71 Inch


Hand forged Damascus steel blade created with a package of steels of different hardness and viscosity, which fold into a plate in a specific order. Next, the plate is repeatedly reforged, thanks to which layers and a unique pattern are formed.
A difficult technological process is done manually. Steel obtained in this way is characterized by increased strength, high hardness, excellent cutting properties and beauty.
Damascus blade more than 800-1000 layers.
Package Damascus steel blade ShH15 + HVG + U10 A, thermal expression 860 ° C

The advantages of Damascus blade knives:
Increased strength
High hardness
Excellent cutting properties
Beautiful design
Long – lasting sharpness

Hardness of the blade 60-62 HRC.
Custom knife, handmade knife, hand forged knife, hand forged blade


Damascus steel