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Work Sharp Adjustable Knife Sharpener ELITE offers the ability to adjust sharpening angles from 15° to 30° with 1° precision to suit different types of knives – kitchen, pocket, hunter and others. Two Tri-Brasive® handles incorporate five diamond plates and fine ceramics that allow you to renew, sharpen and hone your blade to an incredibly sharp edge. The final stage is leather honing, which refines and polishes your knife blade for fearsomely sharp results. The other side has a special ceramic bar suitable for serrated knives.
With the carrying case and Tri-Brasive® storage stand, you can easily keep all your abrasives and sharpeners organized and ready to go, no matter where your adventures take you. Thus, all the necessary tools will always be at hand, so that you can maintain the quality of cutting and sharpening the blade even outside the house.