D2 steel

“Kvalitatīvi, ar rokām kalti naži no D2 tērauda – uzticams pavadonis jebkurā piedzīvojumā! D2 tērauds ir pazīstams ar savām lieliskajām materiāla griešanas un izturības īpašībām, padarot to par ideālu izvēli dažādām vajadzībām.

Made from D2 steel, our knife blades are known for their superior durability and long life, making them a great companion for hunting, fishing, everyday use, outdoor adventures and travel. D2 steel provides excellent blade retention and easy blade re-sharpening

Our knife collection comes in a variety of designs and sizes to suit different needs and style preferences. We also provide personalized engraving to give each knife a unique design.

Get acquainted with our wide collection of hand-forged knives and select your reliable assistant, which will serve you with excellent cutting and durability characteristics in any situation!”