Knife ”WILD BOAR” – hand forged Damascus steel

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Knife specifications: ”WILD BOAR”
Steel: Hand forged Damascus steel blade hunting knife, (HVG, U10, ShH15), 800 layers
Hardness: 60-62 HRC
Blade length (mm): 113 / 4,44 Inch
Blade thickness (mm): 3 / 0,11 Inch
Blade width (mm): 34 / 1,33 Inch
Handle: African Venge wood
Overall length (mm): 235 / 9,25 Inch

A strong hunting knife that will be useful for both pre-processing and later cutting the meat. Its blade is hand forged of Damascus steel, which makes it very hard yet elastic and durable.
These unique material properties are obtained by forming a soft and hard metal alloy, resulting in a best hunting knife with well-known Damascus steel drawing which, thanks to the micro-saw blade, will last for a long time and be able to maintain its sharpness without sharpening for a very long time.
The noticeable blade expansion makes it a great skinning knife, but the easy-to-control knife tip and narrowed blade tip will prevent injuries to the internal organs during aeration or unnecessarily cuts in later meat processing.
On the other hand, the wood used in our hand forged knives handle, which, unlike synthetic materials, feels much nicer and comfortable in the hand.
For the safety of the hunter himself, there is a stopper between the handle and the blade, which prevents accidental injury to the fingers when cleaning and handling the game, even if the hands are slippery.
Also included in the Damascus steel hunting knives kit is a durable dark leather case with a firm riveted closure that will protect the knife from bad weather conditions and will not cause accidental loss. The purse has two hangers that can be attached to the belt for easy access at any time. One of them is the classic fixed and the other is the free hanger, which allows the knife to hang around the belt freely and at the same time, allows movement and avoids the inconvenience of sitting down or moving from mast to mast by car where fixed hug will press uncomfortably on the leg or waist.
This elegant hand forged knife will last a long time and will be faithful and best hunting knife thanks to its outstanding qualities. It is lightweight and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, providing a fast, safe, efficient and high quality process.

Hand forged Damascus steel created with a package of steels of different hardness and viscosity, which fold into a plate in a specific order. Next, the plate is repeatedly reforged, thanks to which layers and a unique pattern are formed.
A difficult technological process is done manually. Steel obtained in this way is characterized by increased strength, high hardness, excellent cutting properties and beauty.
Damascus steel more than 700-1000 layers.
Package damask steel ShH15 + HVG + U10A, thermal expression 860 ° C

The advantages knives of Damascus steel:
Increased strength
High hardness
Excellent cutting properties
Beautiful design
Long – lasting sharpness

Hardness of the blade 60-62 HRC.


Damascus steel