Outdoor knives

Tourists and nature lovers usually use different types of knives, which can be useful in different life situations. Though hunting, mushroom and fishing knives are specific to their main function, they can also be used by tourists, especially those who are fond nature. Tourist knives usually have different functions that ensure that the knife is suitable for different situations.


Although, as previously mentioned, tourists can use knives for hunting, mushroom picking, and fishing knives, the most popular choice among tourists is folding knives that they can easily carry around. No less important is that the knife is able to perform various functions if necessary, therefore, when choosing a knife, it is necessary to pay attention to the blade, that it would last a long time and be used for various activities.

When choosing a folding knife, it is important to pay attention to its opening mechanism, because it is necessary to open the knife quickly. Though folding knife blades are considered to be less durable, they are still enough durable and easy to carry. These can be single or multi-blade knives, which provide variety and can be useful in different situations.


Tourist knives are very popular not only among tourists, but also among others. The knives can be fixed and large, and be useful to cut a large piece of meat or even hunt an animal, therefore, a very popular choice of knives among tourists are hunting knives, which differ in their size, blade, and intended function. Hunting knives can be both folding and fixed. The mushroom knife is also popular among tourist and nature lovers, who go outdoors and take the opportunity to pick mushrooms.

We offer a variety of tourist knives, which will be great to use outdoors and make every task easy to do!